Electrical and Electronics Project Report on Solar Power Generation with Auto Tracking System

Introduction to Solar Power Generation with Auto Tracking System Project:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of Solar generation. Now a days electrical energy has become most important factor. Each and every equipment made today uses electricity. The usage of electrical devices is also growing. This made electrical energy so valuable. To generate this electrical energy more and more resources are being utilized.

If the resources are not available this leads to scarcity. To avoid these problems, Solar power generation technique is used. Without wastage of these resources, we can generate electricity naturally from sunlight. This sunlight is converted into electricity using photo voltaic cells. To maintain constant output voltage, solar tracking finds useful. By using this tracking, the conversion efficiency is increased. In solar tracking technique, microcontroller and a sensor is used.

Brief into Solar Power Generation with Auto Tracking System:

Solar cells are most important because by using these cells only ,electrical energy is generated. These solar cells are operated based on the photo-electric energy.  Photovoltaic cells are  the alternate devices which converts sunlight into electrical energy. In tracking section a sensor and Pic microcontroller are used .This 16F877  Pic microcontroller takes  less power. It has 4K bytes of Flash Programmable and Erasable Read Only Memory.

This total system can be classified into three sections they are input, storage and output . In input section, photo voltaic arrays are present to absorb the sunlight. In storage section, Battery bank is used to store the energy such that even in the absence of sunlight , there will be constant power generation. In output section, Charge controller is used to avoid over charging.

Download  Electrical and Electronics Project Report on Solar Power Generation with Auto Tracking System.

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