ECE and EEE Mini Project Report for Muscular Stimulator

Introduction to Muscular Stimulator Mini Project:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of Muscular simulator.  As we are humans, in our daily life we  make use of our body for doing work like lifting objects etc. As a result, sometimes we may suffer from some of the problems like head ache and muscular sprains. As the world is developing fast, we expect the technology which makes our life comfortable. As a result, to medicate muscular sprains a technology has been developed.

External stimulations are developed such that they are fast curing and more reliable. These do not have any side effects. Muscular stimulator is a medical device which is developed such that it can many muscular problems. The muscular stimulator  involves two various circuits such as stimulator and timer circuits. Stimulator circuit consists of various parts such as oscillatory circuit, intensity control, power drive circuit and transformer. Timer circuit consists of timer and buzeer circuit.

Brief into Muscular Stimulator:

The oscillatory circuit has IC 7555 timer. This circuit is used to generate necessary voltage for intensity control circuit. The intensity control section has a transistor and variable resistor to control the intensity. Power drive circuit generates the necessary voltage to transformer. A step up transformer of 2v-220v is used to generate stimulations.

3v dc power supply is given to entire stimulator section. The timer section has timer and buzzer circuits. The timer circuits has IC 555 timer to obtain output pulses. The buzzer is connected to the output of the IC 555 such that it indicates the delay time. 6v supply is given to the entire timer section.

Download  ECE and EEE Mini Project Report for Muscular Stimulator.

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