SMS Based Railway Reservation System ECE Project

The GSM Technology to book the tickets of railways by SMS. It is utilized in the globe to automate the reservation method of railways by SMS in addition internet. You are able to transfer the message by beginning with destination station name, station name, passenger name, and payment information such as Credit Card number. This would remotely book the ticket. We are able to merge it with RFID to give the security quality also.

 The SMS Based Railway Reservation System ECE Project has goal to improve and examine the benefits of cell phones to atomically manage the devices of the control system. The microcontroller will manage the gadget depending on the data provided. The accepted answer would require easy utilizing, simple, easy, robust and beneficial on many cell phones.

The SMS Based Railway Reservation System ECE Final Year Project includes the background into the field of 8051 microcontroller and cell communication and the way they are incorporated each other and AT (Attention) commands set utilized under communication.

The abilities of 8051 microcontroller are Internal ROM and RAM, I/O ports with programmable pins, Timers and counters, and Serial information communication.  The microcontroller is the mere chip which includes the processor (the CPU), volatile memory for input and output (RAM), non-volatile memory for the program (ROM or flash), a clock and an I/O control unit. This is known as computer on a chip, billions of microcontroller units (MCUs) are implanted every year under the myriad of items from items to devices to vehicles.


The microcontroller get the SMS through the phone, decode it, establishes the cell phone number and hence switches on the relays connected to its port to function the devices. On accomplished function, the controller transfers the acknowledgement to the cell phone by SMS.

Download SMS Based Railway Reservation System ECE Final Year Engineering Project Report.

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