SMS Based E-Notice Board for College ECE Project

Wireless communication has declared its advent on great level and globe is becoming mobile. The remote operating devices are because of Embedded Systems. The Embedded System in Communication results in several attractive applications which make sure of security and comfort for human life.

The important goal of this SMS Based E-Notice Board for College ECE Project is to model the SMS driven remotely on display board that will take the place with the help of programmable technological display. This is accepted to model the receiver display board that is executed programmed from authenticated cell phone. The microcontroller gets the SMS and allows sending Mobile Identification Number (MIN) and shows the particular data. Beginning with News display unit, there is a development and benefit to compute the abilities of microcontroller.

This is accepted to execute this project at the institute stage. This is accepted to show the boards under great access places. The technology is presently utilized for programming and required all the time. Its makes unproductive for quick data transfer and hence the display board misses its significance. The GSM display board is utilized like add-on and creates it perfect wireless.

The method needs for the Microcontroller based SMS box. The important elements of the kit contain GSM modem and microcontroller. These elements are mixed including the display board and hence integrated the seamless characters. The GSM modem gets the SMS. The AT commands are moved to the modem by MAX232.


SMS Based E-Notice Board for College ECE Project is concluded that the microcontroller authorizes the SMS and hence shows the message under the LCD display board. Several time division multiplexing methods create the display boards functionally productive. The microcontroller utilized here is AT89s52. Motorola C168 is utilized like the GSM modem.

Download SMS Based E-Notice Board for College ECE Final Year Student Project.

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