SMS Based Generator Start up System ECE Project

This gives an incorporated remote control method and SMS alert. This present section is incorporated in the diesel generator under the Bundu Power limit and permits for the products to be functioned and managed, for instance, Diesel Low or Oil Pressure Low. The Generator is Stopped or Started through transferring the SMS to the generator in the globe.

The SMS section is climbed in the space permitting or generator housing which functions the battery of the generators. If the generator is in remote option then it would begin if the current is not available and by sending an SMS to UP TO 5 reevaluated cell numbers. The SMS is transferred to the generator with the help of reevaluated command and code. The command permits to secure the generator from harmful SMS.

The only command system and SMS Alert permits subscribes to rapidly and simply manage their Generator in the globe including the information and issues are solved rapidly and productively. Moreover, the security method permits secure and protective benefits without interference.

The SMS Based Generator Start up System ECE Project has the goal to improve and examine the benefits of cell phones to automatically manage the device control method. The microcontroller manages the gadgets depending on the data provided. The accepted answer would be simple to utilize, secure, robust, and beneficial on many phones. To get this, testing should be done to make the beneficial method. 


The SMS Based Generator Start up System ECE Project includes the background into the field of 8051 microcontroller and cell connection and the way they are connected to each other and AT (Attention) requests are for communication.

Download SMS Based Generator Start up System ECE Project.

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