PC Based Appliances Controller ECE Project

The PC Based Appliances Controller ECE Project is utilized to control many appliances with the help of computer. This includes the circuit and utilizes printer port of the computer PC to manage the application with the help of interface hardware and software. The interface circuit including software is utilized with the printer port of the computer to manage eight equipments. The parallel port is the easy and inexpensive scheme to construct the PC controlled gadgets and projects. The easiness and simplicity of execution creates the parallel port famous.

 In DB25 connector, the lines are classified into three sections. They are Data lines (data bus), Control lines, and Status lines. Like the name, information is transmitted by the information lines. The control lines are utilized to manage the peripheral and it gives back the status signals to the PC by the Status lines.

These are linked internally to information, status and control registers. These lines are linked to respective registers within the PC and hence changing these registers under the program, anyone is able to write or read to parallel port including programming languages such as BASIC and C.

The registers present within the standard parallel port are Data register, Status register, and Control register. Regulator IC (78xx) is the three pin IC utilized like the voltage regulator. This will change the unregulated DC current in the form of regulated DC current. The bridge rectifier utilizes four diodes within the bridge alignment to obtain full-wave rectification.


This PC Based Appliances Controller ECE Final Year Student Project study is utilized within companies and houses to manage many appliances by computer. Devices are managed from the desktop during execution. The basic elements used are Optocoupler, ULN 2803, Computer, Transformer(15v), Voltage Regulator 78XX, Electro-mechanical Relay(SPDT), capacitors, Diode(IN4007), and Resistors.

Download PC Based Appliances Controller ECE Project.

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