Short Range Personal Radar ECE Final Year Project

The concept to make the kind of complete proximity radar method is from the student under many classes. The aim of this project is to make the functioning working IR radar method. The method would need to calculate the complete proximity at 90 degrees angle. The limit of the system is like 1m-5.5m, 4-30cm, and 20-150cm based on selected sensor.

There are three modern entities which we are seeing in this Short Range Personal Radar ECE Final Year Project. They are Servos, the 74HCT373 & IR Sensors. The 74HCT373 chip is the octal d flip-flop tri-state latch. It means that this chip can save 8 bits of digital logic and includes that memory is apparent or modified through the LE-Latch Enable pin.

It works on Control Pins LE & OE, Data Inputs D0-D7, 8 Data Outputs Q0-Q7, and Vcc & GND. The result can permit Q0-Q7 to result the information presently including the D-FlipFlop Latches. Latch Enable allows the information presently over D0-D7 to write on the D-FlipFlop Latches.

The Schematic Specifics the following forms. They are Power Circuit, Programming Circuit, IR Proximity Sensor, and LEDs Output. This project makes use of three important gadgets to make the personal radar method. The IR Range sensor produces the result and the pic microcontroller executes and hence shows the result over the led array.


Short Range Personal Radar ECE Final Year Project is concluded that the tool of this project is very complicated than prior projects. There are four important qualities under this model. They are we can program the pic over the board which is improved. We can manage servo. We are able to get the information input from an IR Proximity sensor. We are able to create 36 LEDs to show correct result to show what the IR sensor can sense.

Download Short Range Personal Radar ECE Final Year Project.

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  1. would you send me much sharp diagram of the project personal radar system with clearly visible name of ics,and where is the receiver in the ic

  2. will you please send me the total cost of money after this project and please send me the circuit diagram
    and what to do about the software please guide me

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