ECE Seminar Topic on Washout Control For Manual Operations and Seminar Report

Introduction to Washout Control For Manual Operations Seminar Topic:

In this world there are many systems that are to be controlled every day. We may call a mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic based or for that matter anything as a system and the means to control such system can be called as control system. A control system can be manual or a device used to regulate behavior of a system using some commands.

There are mainly 2 types of controls linear and non-linear controls. Manual controls come under non-linear controls where an operator opens or closes a valve of hydraulic press. Under linear controls a feedback loop will be running for sensing the working of a machine and if any deviations the system automatically sends the correcting measures and the system is controlled.

During manual controlling of a machine due to vibrations caused by manual movements there will be undesired results. To remove these vibrations in manual manipulation we have various techniques such as giving the feedback to the system with delayed feedback and washout filters. The main feature in this technique is use of steady state blocking zeros by feedback controller at zero frequency. This process is employed will remove any difference in steady state input.

Though this system is effective but is very complex to design because of the closed-loop systems continuous change in feedback control. It can be considered that washout filter is a high-pass filter which removes steady state input. This is used in real life power systems. For the closed-loop identification we use SSARX method also known as closed-loop subspace identification method.

To demonstrate this control system we experiment by manual controlling an inverted pendulum. Here on a moving cart a pendulum is attached and the cart is manipulated by an operator so that the pendulum remains balanced and stands still. With the use of our washout control the vibrations are successfully suppressed in manual control system.

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