Security across the Wireless LAN Networks and Simulate the Proposed Security Model Using OPNET Modeler

Problem definition in Wireless LAN Networks

The actual problem identified in this project is that the importance of wireless LAN security to improve the overall performance of the network and also how the security can be incorporated on the network at the simulation level. OPNET modeler is used as the simulation tool and the basic network selected for the simulation of this project is Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET).

Campus is selected as the network area required for the simulation and 1000 X 1000 square meters is taken as the size of the network and therefore the creation of a fresh scale of network is done and when once all these settings are done, then the network is said to be prepared for using. OLSR routing protocol is considered as the required routing protocol and this protocol is applied for 10 mobile nodes, where these nodes are the wireless LAN mobile workstations and a single wireless LAN server is used.

In this particular scenario three applications are used for the generation of the traffic needed. The three applications used are the FTP, voice and video conferencing and these are used for the generation of TCP traffic across the MANET. Two scenarios are created and the first scenario is used at the default settings for the wireless LAN and the second scenario is improved in terms of security and the wireless LAN metrics are changed to improve the overall application and network security of the network.

security across the wireless LAN networks

Performance metrics of voice, video, FTP and Wireless LAN are considered and the overall performance of both the scenarios is analyzed against the comparison graphs to understand the behavior of the network at normal conditions and secure conditions that were imposed at the second scenario. Following are the actual aims and objective of the project and they are as given below 

Aims and Objectives

Following are the aims and objectives of this project

Aim: To evaluate the importance of security across the wireless LAN networks and simulate the proposed security model using OPNET modeler.

Following are the key objectives of this work

  • To review the importance of security across the wireless LAN and understand the impact of security on the performance of the network
  • To design the simulation scenarios to simulate the security model in OPNET
  • To create two scenarios and the first scenario to deploy the normal conditions and the second scenario to implement the proposed security model
  • To simulate the scenarios and achieve the results
  • To evaluate the results against the chosen performance metrics and understand the working nature of the proposed security model
  • To conclude the results and suggest the future recommendations
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