Seminar Report on Remote Media Immersion PPT

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Remote Media Immersion PPT:

It is the new technology that uses many cutting technology for creating new digital platform.Its goal is to create and develop a complete aural and visual environment.Its focus is to enable the most realistic recreation of an event possible while streaming the data over the Internet.They are used in the four versions like first for storing, second for transmitting, third for acquisition and last for providing high quality.

STAGES OF RMI:- The authorizing component is an important part of the overall chain to ensure the high quality result as experienced by users this comes under first stage that is high-quality media streams. Second stage is Real-time digital storage and playback of multiple independent streams and third stage is for transferring more than one media together and the last one is rendering of immersive audio and high resolution video.

DELIVERY OF HIGH-RESOLUTION MEDIA: -The multimedia storage server plays an important role over IP networks for users and to do is the careful design applications. For this the server need two things that are first it must do efficiently storage of the data and second is that it must schedule the retrieval and delivery of the data.

Error Control and Retransmissions: – In it data may lost during the transmission between the server and the destination location. Data should be entered properly otherwise in may generate errors and we need to do it all again. It does transmission in two ways Broadcast Retransmissions, in which all server nodes receive a packet retransmission, request and Unicast Retransmissions in which,we might need to transfer the data again to the server node for completing the packet that is required. This is better and efficient.

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