Remote Media Immersion Computer Science Seminar Report

Introduction to Remote Media Immersion CSE Seminar Topic:

The existing device called the remote media immersion also called as the RMI is the synthesis of the many cutting technology to develop a unique digital media field which gives the user a higher range of the quality of the product.  This media immersion solves all end to end problems and their related issues too.  This device is mainly used in combining the high definition of the video with the high clarity audio voice. Total combination makes the good high definition video clip with good audio voice clarity. This remote media is seen to be gathering in each of the family houses.

The current version of the Remote Media immersion is depended on four major aspects. The four aspects are firstly the responsibilities, storage management, Transmissions and providing the high definitions of the Medias. The stages of the remote media immersion are receiving the high quality fields, digital data storages and also the reply of the individual steams, set of rules for various media fields, developing the high dimensional and resolution are the aspects of the remote media immersion.

The brief overview of the RMI system is that RMI tries to get the high quality video as far as available. It is also called as the HD called as the high definition. This HD has the screen resolution like 1920 X 1080 pixels and 1280 X 720 pixels. This also has the 2.5 audio systems as well as the 5.1 system supportable to it.

The remote media immersion is the future alternate device to the audio visual devices that are in process now. The main target of the remote media immersion is to update the benefits and other extra features and facilities then that of that of the current working audio visual that are available in the markets now. Remote media immersion is already trying to get or to take place in each and every one’s house. To gain the very high speed the remote media immersion makes the use of the DSL and the VDSL networks.

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