Abstract on Mobile Computing Past Present and Future

Introduction to Mobile Computing Past Present and Future:

Mobile Computing defines that a device which permits the flow of transmission of data from one computer to another by never been connected to the Physical link layers. Mobile voice communications which is in demands all over the world is having a great increment of the user subscribers to many networks protocols from last two to three years. This concept is normally called as the Principle of the mobile computing. This has become very interesting in the growth of the technology which allows the users to transmit the information details of data.

The protection attributes of the mobile computing are User Authentication which corrects the identity of the user which has been subscribed to this service. User anonymity which is the international mobile subscriber identity abbreviated as the IMSI which is normally used to the networks to properly use for the identification for the user subscribers. Fraud Prevention is for the prevention of hackers who attack the sites. Protection of user data prevents the data of user which is used to protect the saved information of the end users.

Applications related to this device are for the Estate agents to work on home as well as on the construction sites too. Emergency time to inform the others about the emergency condition that has taken place. In justice courts to take a proper straight decisions against the criminals. In industries for the directors to work on computers using a mobile system. Stock related issues for new latest updates of the shares going on. Card verification to verify the card in banks and other places too.

These increments in the virtual technology, circuits and system speed the mobile computing in the future will be at the developed stage from today. The demand for the mobile computations will be on large scale in the coming future days and these devices will generate a bright flash in future.

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