Seminar Report on IP Telephony

Introduction to IP Telephony Seminar Topic:

Today in this modern world we speak about communication, network, application .All this have some connection in some sense or another.

We know about IP which stands for Internet Protocol  

The technical definition is as follows

IP telephony is the integration and convergence of voice and data networks, services, and applications.Notice this were the things we were talking about as above and now such a system is created. When we speak about IP Telephony it generally works real time

Now let’s see the various types of IP Telephony generally used

1.PC to PC           2. Phone-to-phone over IP

3.PC-to-Phone    4.Phone-to-PC 

PC to PC

Internet required for both party provides by Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Thus in this scenario we have a caller and a sender.

The caller must need here to know the IP address of the sender.

Both caller and sender here are therefore able to have voice communication established between them. 

Phone-to-phone over IP

Here we have a wireless network, where there is a sender and receiver. There is a managed IP network it is managed through gateways. 


Here we have two devices one is PC and second one is phone .PC is usually connected with the ISP and phone end is connected to a network using gateway .The gateway is generally useful for sender. Because all call is maintained of sender due to gateway. 


Here we have two devices one is PC and second one is phone.It is similar to PC to phone with only the difference that the calling party is the telephony user and the called party is the PC user. 

The main reason to use IP telephony is cut down the cost ,increase productivity .It is also helpful to make IP calls ,this call can be made anywhere in the world to any telephone.

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