Seminar Report on Dynamic VPN Networks

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Dynamic VPN Networks:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of virtual private networks. As usage of internet is increasing  day by day, In internet and intranet one can’t expect high security, the major problem is the businesses cannot achieve the benefits of internet and intranet such as successful business transactions etc. In order to avoid these problems  a virtual private network has been developed.

Brief into VPN Networks:

          Dynamic virtual private networks offer high security and  flexibility that traditional VPN’s. Through this dynamic VPN we can access more information. A dynamic VPN is known as intranet enabler because  It enables an intranet to offer more services which allows the business to make benefits. Before using this vpn’s one has to be given access rights.

These access rights are given by the local registration agent. When this access rights are given only the user can send and receive information. Only certain rights are given to user such that only certain information can be accessed. For example if we consider employee Id and badge system, in this system a employee is given a unique number by the vpn’s through which he can access . The vpn’s critical aspect is agent based architecture because the agents communicate by using a standard protocols. This allows the user to use any browser or applications.


 VPN Provides high security. By using this we can exchange information like web files etc. The application behaves more independently on virtual private networks.  It is more flexible.

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