ATM Networks Seminar Report

Introduction to ATM Networks Seminar Topic:

In the present life everyone are more considered about the digital world as it has become important as every work such as watching a movie, reading various articles or books has become easy and more over now-a-days paying all kinds of bills are done through computer networks. When compared with the other communication systems the work done by clicking a mouse has become more easy and complex. With the help of satellite one can contact their family member through cellular telephone or satellite. This study makes all the related information on these inter connectivity webs works and why they work.

These have become interesting with the telephone networks and along with the internet for constructing the network services as this gives the end to end services. Technology has made many innovations and among them ATM is one of the network connectivity which is used by most of the banks.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode is one of the dedicated technologies of connection switching and this uses a technology of digital signal which helps in managing the digital information that is transferred. There are two different connections of ATM networks are available among the end points and these can be differentiated through the QOS formats and parameters of the related schemes. Based on the signaling of the ATM its type is differentiated and the components of the signals are situated at the last station and also at the switch of the ATM.

Through the signaling layer of the software of ATM the switched virtual circuits are managed, terminated and created. This also deals with the various networks interfaces that are used in ATM’s and signaling software’s. Point to multipurpose and point to point are the two different types of ATM and in future the software of ATM can be changed based on the development of the digital technology.

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