Attendance Analysis System .Net Project Report

Introduction to Attendance Analysis System .Net Project:

As the technology is developing in every field a novel software was introduced for attendance of students and this is called as Attendance analysis system and this was mainly developed for the attendance of students in educational institutions and now-a-days this software is being used in even schools as this helps in managing the attendance.

This maintains in accessing the information of the student in particular class and also helps in maintaining each students attendance. This software also helps the institution management for calculating the eligibility criteria of the attendance for particular student as in the present system it has become an essential part for working time of any student in either school or college. Now-a-days these are also been used in the places where there is a calculation of a persons working hours or days as this helps in calculating their wages. In even large companies this attendance analysis system is being used.

This software is designed with the visual studio 2008 and the software’s front end part is done with the C# and back end the information is stored through Microsoft Access by the application. This attendance application mainly contains two modules which is the user module and admin module. The admin module is managed by the management of the particular company or institution and they have the right to change or modify or create the space for novel batch. The other module is maintained or handled by the faculty or the person who handles the attendance and based on the gained information they generate the report.

The usage of this software is best explained in step wise initially a department has to be created and then in that class must be created and then subjects in that particular class must be created. Initially students and faculty members must register themselves and later based on the attendance a report must be generated.

The system requirements of Attendance analysis system is Operating System- Windows XP/Windows Vista, Microsoft .Net of latest version, MSOffice 2010.

Download  Attendance Analysis System .Net Project Report.

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