Latest CSE Seminar Topic 2012 on Keypads in Security Systems Time Difference Approach

Introduction to Keypads in Security Systems Time Difference Approach Seminar Topic:

Keyboard is the Basic input device for data input in computer systems. The Keypads are specialized Keyboard used to input specialized data, for instance, data input for protecting security systems. The keypad is mostly used in banking sector and Real estate sector inHong Kong. 

Today one of the potential threats in security systems is Side channeling keypad data. This amazing study came into highlight when a researcher, namely, Berkeley Doug Tygar ofUniversityofCalifornia, had found that the computer keyboard sounds can be easily and accurately transcripted.

The automated telling machine (ATM) has keypad for entering passwords for the customers which produce specific electronic sounds while pressing keys. The mechanical sounds emanated from the keypad can be decoded to identify the password by the hacker with the help of devices like microphones, computer and sound processing software. The basic principle applies that the hacker transcribes the different frequency and acoustic emanation of keypad to decode the confidential data. 

Our innovation is based on “time difference approach” in which the mechanical sound is covered by electronic sound to confuse the hacker in decoding the password.

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