Scalable Routing in Cyclic Mobile Networks Technical Paper

Scalable-Routing-Technical-Paper.Scalable Routing in Cyclic Mobile Networks seminar topics explains about routing mechanisms used in existing system and problems facing due to this method and explains about a new contact information algorithm that can solve routing problems .

Existing System.

  • In existing system routing of packet is dependent on the location id of the end user which was assigned while sending packet.
  • In order to update direction information of packets routing protocols needs to bear high level of load.
  • Existing systems use Weak state routing mechanism is implemented to handle large scale networks.
  •  Information used in routing systems are not accurate they are based on the probability bases. Which causes packet loss problems?


  • Proposed system uses scalable deterministic routing mechanism for continuous mobility.
  • This system uses contact information in three different combinations for delivering packets. This method is alternative routing method for global contact knowledge.
  • Critical information is maintained using aggregation and compression in time spacing domain.

download Scalable Routing in Cyclic Mobile Network s Technical Paper, paper presentation.

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