What is Embedded Systems Computers Electronics Seminar Topic

Description: The research paper What is Embedded Systems Computers Electronics Seminar Topic speaks about Embedded systems. The research paper explains in detail what an embedded system is. For example it says that the embedded system as the name suggests is embedded into certain part of the body, car. It is modeled to a specific function/functionality of the car, unlike a PC which is capable of carrying out many other functions. Embedded system is set/embedded into a bigger body and behaves in a ‘function specific’ way. Embedded system is a computing device but is not set in a computer it is set in a non-computing device. Embedded system helps a non-computing system take up certain activities intelligently and effectively.

An embedded system consists of hardware (typically VLSI or very large-scale integrated circuits) specifically built for the purpose, an embedded operating system, and the specific application or application specification is considered to be an extension of the ISA bus specification. The PC /104 standard has since been extended to PC/104-plus to include the PCI bus. Embedded systems can also be built within a PC. This kind of activity modifies the entire PC into something that is ‘function specific’. For example a PC built into fridge that looks into only the functions of the fridge and offers suggestions too. Universal Micro system is a general-purpose hardware that can be programmed and used to develop applications for different embedded devices. Many modern appliances like MP3 players, ‘intelligent’ refrigerators, and watches use embedded systems.

Conclusion: Embedded systems have a bright future. The performance of a gadget could increase manifold by using the embedded technology. The only hitch is the development of so many hardware/software components that enact being function-specific. Intelligent cars, refrigerators and homes are some of the many wonders of embedded systems. Besides using the electronic gadget you can also take up some additional activities like surfing the net, communicating over phone or sending a text message and many more. The use of embedded systems is potentially unending.

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