Embedded System Design and Challenges

Description: The research paper Embedded System Design and Challenges talks about the inherent difficulties that prevent effective design of embedded systems. It talks about the challenges faced by the domain and means of overcoming them. The complexity of the machine and the required chip design and the ever widening gap between the two is one potential reason for the design dysfunction of embedded systems. To reduce this gap in design productivity a number of propositions have been made in high-level modeling and validation.

Particularly advances have been made in ‘Abstraction and Reuse ` and ‘Structured design methods `. Structured design methods are Component-Based Design and Platform Based Design. There are many trends for design embedded system. Out of that highly programmed platform and UML for embedded software development are recent one. In unified embedded system development methodology, these two can be combined. Though these two concepts are powerful in their own right, their combination magnifies the effective gain in productivity and implementation.

The primary challenge of embedded systems is that it has to bring in the functionality of all the processes over a single chip. This is called System on Chip; only then this will be embedded in a hardware component facilitating a specific function of the electronic gadget or instrument. SOC consist of a range of building blocks from processors, memory, to communication and networking elements. There may be top down or bottom up approach to building an application in SOC.

Conclusion: Component Composition Framework is an exciting breakthrough that to a very great extent answers the challenges posed by embedded systems. The research paper also talks about the BALBOA Frameworks. Besides these there are many other technical challenges that need to be addressed. For example the research paper talks about reusing the SOC components. A successful installation of CCF will certainly consider better performance of SOCs in coming generations.

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