NIT Computer Science Project Reports on I.T Infrastructure

IT infrastructure in day today’s generation has proved to be a daily necessity to the humans. So it has constructed a very strong integration related to the Information Technology stream. The databases that are shared are called the organizational databases which are under the complete knowledge and study of the time and the current existence too. The www has provided a great stage of knowledge to the knowledge and the study managements.

Here the uses of the ISO groups are made to store the proper organizational data and information’s. It is also capable of the trace maps which are mostly used in the football matches too.

The existing system is sub divided into two main parts called the first is generating the topic map for the FIFA world cup that took place in the year 2006. And secondly is the represent the map related to the main topic so that all the needed information and other details can be easily available to the end-users. The designing of the system is completely done in the XML format and developed by making the use of the water flow diagrams too. Implementation is done which is divided into two stages like generating the topic map and secondly representing the generated topic map.

The system after the execution resulted that when an every topic map was created the map tested using a tool called as the omnigator tool. The omnigator checks whether all the modules are present and also each and every  integration related to the topic is done or not.

After this it was seen that the system near about helps in fulfilling the entire user queries and doubts too. The existing system was successfully built for the FIFA world cup and it also proved to be a beneficial device to the end users. In the coming future the existing device can be more updated using the XML parser.

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