HRMS Time and Expense System Project Abstract

Introduction to HRMS Time and Expense System Project:

The Project Time and Expense System is made for the employees for the organization to update their work hours and expenses in the internet based Application software regarding the time and expenses during the job from any place for 24 hours. The system software keeps the data of time and expenses spent by an employee in various works, start ups, implementation of project and others. The system perfectly reports and presents the information data in different types, so that the supervisor can estimate the time and expenses. The employee can construct the other data like the expenses in, locality, projects, project related time and expense in a extraordinary style to make it more understanding to the manager. 

Current System 

The existing system of the Time & Expenses is manually done and the should be well documented for the future use. The work is also cumbersome. 

Proposed System 

The Proposed system is focused on the time and expenses of the employee regarding their focused work and initiatives to communicate with the clients. The system also allows you to supervise efficiently the problems and the estimated budget on the project to overrule the hurdles. The manager can also look into the weekly and regular Time report and review it on combined authorization system. 

The Features of the Proposed System 

  1. The Time & Expense system can be explored from any where on the internet for both employee and the manager.
  2. The Time has option to add comments in it. The review can be done on weekly or daily.
  3. The employee has the option to make template that is useful for filling timesheets.
  4. The inbuilt approval system for the Time & Expense enables the manager to approve and disapprove the information provided by the employee. The project initiatives are prepared for the daily or weekly approval.
  5. The comment can be given to each approval and disapproval system and can effectively manage team.
  6. The approval system allows to the manager to make Time & Expenses system a multiple manager approval system with first and second stage of approvals.
  7. The past timesheet can be copied with the help of single option.
  8. The easy and immediate accessibility of the Timesheet for the complete financial year.
  9. The inbuilt administration module systematically supervises and generates the default features of the application.
  10. The Management part of the administration module makes easy and immediate access to managers.

Download  HRMS Time and Expense System Project Abstract .

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