Resource Sharing On Internet Computers Presentation

Resource Sharing On Internet Computers Presentation: The technology developed as storage is known as the Internet Backplane Protocol (IBP). It is designed to test hypothesis and explore of implications. It is our basic tool in the logistical networking technology. It is a field motivated by storage and viewing data transmission within unified framework.

Internet Backplane Protocol (IBP) has been developed for the support of domain and application and optimization of data movement. This technology is used for managing storage within the network filed. It allows an application to implement inter-process communication. With this implementation of data staging operations, locality can be exploited and scarce buffer resources are managed more effectively.

In the internet world, a large distributed system provides a communication service to computer systems at its periphery. The consideration of robustness and scalability enables its designers to select a stateless model. Routers do stateless data transfer operations and control is calculated by routing algorithms.

It is to remember that the designers of large-scale computation systems often follow shared memory model because the functional model has undesirable limitations on performance and control. Increasingly the design of Internet-based information systems is utilizing shared-memory approaches which support the management of distributed data rather than access.

In order to have uniform interface to state management that is better integrated with the Internet, the Internet Backplane Protocol (IBP) has been defined. IBP can be viewed as a mechanism to adjust either remote files or communication buffers.


 This approach is based on the Internet model of resource sharing. It also represents one general method of using storage resources to create common distributed infrastructure that share communication bandwidth. It is designed on the model of IP to allow storage resources that are shared by users and applications for maintaining necessary security and protection from abuse. IBP is mainly for the intermediate resource management components and accessible to every end-system

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