Road Transport Authority RTA Information System .Net Project


Road Transport Authority is a C#.Net based web application which enhances the use of RTA Services with ease. In this .Net Project there are 3 Modules

  1. RTO
  2. Employee
  3. Apply For LLR (User)


In This Application RTO Will add the employees with details the employee can login by the given username and password. The employee can add the LLR details received from the user. An employee can also renew the LLR of the users. The employee can also generate the payment against issued challan.

Employee performs the following Functions

  • Issue of Challans
  • View Renewed LLR Details
  • View Renewed PL Details
  • View Registered Vehicle Details
  • View New LLR Registrations
  • Can Also view the registration details Monthly Wise


RTO Can add the employee details and can view the registration of vehicle details and issue of LLR and PL Details and renewals of LLR and PL. 


The user can simply for LLR by giving all necessary details and then clicking on submitting we are taken to the challan payment page after successful completion of payment we should write the Test for Learning License. After Exam completion, the result will be shown.

UML Diagrams:

Object Diagram:

Activity Diagram Renewal of Learner License And Permanent Licence:

Use Case Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Existing & Proposed System:

Nowadays we see that using the internet has grown a lot so we need to implement everything online to provide fast and efficient services to the public or users. Users in the earlier days must visit the RTO office to complete the registration of a newly Brought vehicle or to apply an LLR or Pl, which takes a lot of time. Using this application, the RTO and Employee can register the vehicles Using their applications. In this application, we also provided and LLR Test to written online, but in practical to write an LLR we must go to RTO Office and register and wait for a long time. The Whole process is made Simple By this application.

Now in this application generating or extracting the user details are just matter of time because everything which is registered or added is made to store in a centralized database so extracting the details and generating the monthly reports was easy. Previous days we used to maintain or write the records manually, so to search the details or providing the monthly reports was a big task. 

Data Dictonary

  • Table Name: Challana details
Column Name Type Size
cno nvarchar 50
name varchar 50
amount nvarchar 50
ianame varchar 50
Ides varchar 50
Vfrom Varchar 50
Vto Varchar 50
  • Table Registration details
Column Name Type Size
regno nvarchar 50
regdate varchar 50
nameofapp varchar 50
sdwof varchar 50
age varchar 50
Add1 varchar 50
Add2 varchar 50
city varchar 50
state varchar 50
phno varchar 50
nameadd varchar 50
typeofveh varchar 50
date1 varchar 50
chassisno varchar 50
engineno varchar 50
Seatcap varchar 50
Fuel varchar 50
  • Table Name: LLR details
Column Name Type Size
Img_pk Int 4
Img_title varchar 50
Img_stream Image 16
Img_type Varchar 50
llrno Varchar 50
ldate Varchar 50
name Varchar 50
swd Varchar 50
dob Varchar 50
bg Varchar 50
a1 Varchar 50
a2 Varchar 50
City Varchar 50
State Varchar 50
Phone Varchar 50
Mark Varchar 50
Vfrom Varchar 50
Vto Varchar 50
Type Varchar 50
  • Table Name: Admin
Column Name Type Size
Id nvarchar 50
Password nvarchar 50
  • Table Name: LLR Exam
Column Name Type Size
Examno Varchar 50
Ans1 Varchar 50
Ans2 Varchar 50
Ans3 Varchar 50
Ans4 Varchar 50
Ans5 Varchar 50
Ans6 Varchar 50
Ans7 Varchar 50
Ans8 Varchar 50
Ans9 Varchar 50
Ans10 Varchar 50
name Varchar 50
Edate Varchar 50
chalno Varchar 50
  • Table Name:Addemp
Column Name Type Size
Id nvarchar 50
Password nvarchar 50
Name varchar 50
Address varchar 50
phno varchar 50
  • Table Name: Renewal of LLR and PL
Column Name Type Size
llr nvarchar 50
dateofiss varchar 50
dateofren varchar 50
typelicence varchar 50
name varchar 50
sdw varchar 50
dob varchar 50
bloodg varchar 50
Add1 varchar 50
Add2 varchar 50
city varchar 50
state varchar 50
phno varchar 50
Ident1 varchar 50
Ident2 varchar 50
vfrom varchar 50
vto varchar 50
chano varchar 50
amount varchar 50
  • Table Name:Result
Column Name Type Size
aname nvarchar 50
examno nvarchar 50
cno varchar 50
edate varchar 50
marks varchar 50
result Varchar 50


In all the above advantages we must use this application for fast completion of Process and secure payments using challan details.

Download Road Transport Authority RTA Information System .Net Project Source Code, Project Report

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