Academic Java Project on Bug Tracking System


In General, we found many bugs and we report them to the organization regarding a product or a service and the organization admin will see the bug reports of the user and assign a technical expert to resolve the issue. User can’t know the status of the issue so we propose this project.

In this project, the user will sign up and login into the application and report a bug by selecting product or service and which environment he is using and detail description of the bug.  After submitting the bug admin can view the bugs reported by a user and he will assign any technical expertise to resolve the issue, Admin can also add the technical expert by giving necessary details.

Using the login id and password the technical expert can log in and view the bugs assigned by admin he will go through the issue and update the status if it resolved. User and Admin can view the status of the bugs.

Flow Diagrams:

ER Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:


In this Bug Tracking project, we are having three modules

  • Admin
  • Technical Expert
  • User

Existing System:

In the existing bug tracker system all the status of the bugs and their details are stored in an excel sheet so preparing and updating the sheet is a very long process and it will consume more time.

Proposed System:

In the proposed bug tracker system everything generated by application and user can also view the status of the bug. In this, we are using the database to store the details so each and every detail is secured and can access from any place using this application.

Download Bug Tracking / Defect Tracking System Java Project Code, Project Report Document, PPT.

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