Internet Banking System Java Project

Significance and Scope of the Internet Banking System Java Project: The main aim of the Internet Banking System Java Project is  to develop a procedure that can identify the vulnerabilities in the existing Internet Banking System  process. The possible threats and attacks evolving in the online banking process are studied to formulate a procedure that can prevent the online fraud.

In order to formulate new security measures that can combat the online fraud, it is important to identify and classify the possible threats in an online banking process, which is within the scope of this java final year project. Identifying the different attacks will help to acquire a good knowledge on how the e-banking process can be interrupted or intercepted and how the information is extracted by the attackers during the process. (from interim report)

The identified attacks are then classified into different categories that will help in understanding their nature, point of target, their intensity and impact on the process, the common features between them and how they differ from each other. The classification will support in developing a procedure that can be applied to identify various threats associated with the e-banking process.

 With the help of identified attacks and their classification a logical procedure is developed that will provide a good opportunity to assess the security of e-banking process. Later, it can help in formulating the new security measures that can be introduced to make e-banking and the internet transactions more secure and reliable from the invasion of threats. This will in turn benefit the banking organizations to prevent the fraud and the losses associated with it. They can provide an efficient and trustable service to the customers. Finally, users will be able to access the online banking with increased security and keep trust in their banks.

Some transactions go through secure lines but some via the internet, where it is prone to different threats

Explain e-banking process step by step

Say how each step can be attacked,

Explaining the issue and why it should be solved

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