Research Methods and Ethical Issues in Research of Human Resource administration

Research Methods:

There are many methods for data collection. Data collection in qualitative research method is basically divided into two different categories and they are Primary data and secondary data.

Primary data:

  1. Interview process: It can be semi structured or structured interviews.
  2. Conducting Surveys using either structure or unstructured questionnaire.
  3. Group discussions.

Secondary data:

Secondary data is that data which have already been gathered for some kind of other purpose, possibly processed or subsequently stored up (Saunders, et al 2007).

1. Analysis of different kinds of data and literature.

2. Data management and analysis methods.

3. Basic information about the company such as annual budget report, policies, company journals and growth report.

In this research, the primary data used is conducting surveys where HR professionals from different companies are going to be participated. They will be given a questionnaire which is mainly prepared to get the most accurate answers from participants about outsourcing HR administration. Type of questionnaire which is going to be used to conduct surveys is unstructured. Unstructured questionnaire mainly consists of different type of questions from choose the option to giving comment. The main objective of using this type of questionnaire is to get clear idea about further research. Based upon these responses I am going to give the conclusions.

 Main sources of secondary data in this study is different kinds of literature available in the town that can be journals, research papers, books, magazines, statistics of the companies etc. clear evaluation of these secondary sources will be done based upon this literature I support my research results from primary data. Secondary data mainly helps researchers to gain more details about the topic.  Type of secondary data used for this research is mainly related to the topics like human resource, human resource management, outsourcing and outsourcing HR administration activities. Research methodology used here is qualitative. 

Ethical Issues in Research:

For any good research there are basically some ethical issues related to them. Research ethics is all about how the researches clearly explain topic of research, data collection methods and how far the results and reports of this research are moral and responsible in nature. Research ethics is mainly concern with the fairness of the researcher attitude in relation to the right of the research work. Process of data collection and protection policies needs to be considered by researchers(Saunders etal,2009).The Qualitative research methodology have large number of issues to be considered compare to qualitative methodology. Some of the ethical issues which should be considered in qualitative methodology and they are

  1. Participants of the research are voluntary and have full right of withdraw from the research at any time.
  2. The information of the individuals who participated in the research kept secret and information used only for the academic purpose.
  3. Participants given full protection during the research process.
  4. Intellectual property right given a most preference in the research. 

Timetable for research:

Analyzing the data   2 weeks


  2 weeks 
Conducting Research   2 weeks
Analysis of results   1 week
Reviewing   2 weeks
Documentation   2 weeks
Project report   2 weeks        
 Total    13 Weeks



In this research proposal all the activities which are going to be done for this research project briefly described. In This proposal I have clearly explained different   aspects of HR administration outsourcing. 

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