Research Methods and Dissertation Proposal Power Point Presentation

Research Methods: Assignment 1:

Critical Review (4000):

Note: **** indicates important

  1. Title Page :(Name of couse,university ,2 id’s)
  2. Table of content with page numbers
  3. Executive summary :(from study skills)
  4. Review of the literature:(literature which is in the article) /(summarise of article literature)
  5. ****Critics of the literature review:(what author missed out ,what we have to tell )-from outside sources

               5.1: What are the areas of business discussed in the article?

               5.2:what do other authors have to say on these subjects?

5.3:what do other authors say about the structure of such research papers? (Research methodology book Saunders)

5.4: how does the discussion in the article relate to the ideas of other authors on the subject? 

  1. Methodology :   (Summary of article methodology-process or method they used)
  2. **** Critics of the Methodology:  ( Follow the onion-define, discuss each layer of onion and relate to the article) 

7.1: How is the paper structured?

7.2: Does the structure of the paper fit with what you would expect?

7.3: What kind of Research methodology, Philosophy, Apporach, Strategis etc have been used?(see Saunders p.108&119)

7.4: What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of using these kinds of methodology, philosophy, Approach, Strategies etc?

7.5: What are the implications of the use of this for the research carried out?

7.6: Is the evidence provided reliable ? why/why not?

7.7:Are there any problems with the logic of the arguments made in the article ? how does this affect the conclusion drawn ? 

  1. Recommendations and Conclusion
  2. Bibliography 

Assignment 2:

Dissertation proposal Power point Presentation:



  1. Title Slide (Name ,Title and 2 id’s)
  2. Question or Aim and Objectives:(At least 4-5 objectives)

Objectives: Literature Review: everything is published so far

                     : Construct Frame work

                     : Context

                     : Recommendations and conclusion

       3&4 Slides. Literature review: (Show main authors, Back ground)

       5, 6&7 slides. Methodology: Step by step follow onion

      8. Ethical Considerations : ( Data Protection act and etc…)

      9. Time table: propose a time table for 12 weeks –Planning of whole dissertation


  1. References: (min 10-12 resources)

For attraction make some graphes, figures and models.

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