Introduction to Methodology of Research

Introduction to Methodology of Research:

Methodology is a systematic Process which Deals with finding solutions to the problems that are faced in a particular research process. To achieve maximum accuracy level for a particular process or procedure the schedule of rules and set of principles are to be followed which will tend to be more beneficial to increase the productivity of that process.

 Types of Research Methodologies

The research methodology can be categorised into two sub types on the basis of data generated from the type of method used for carrying out the research.

  1. Quantitative research methodology
  2. Qualitative research methodology

 Quantitative research methodology

Quantitative research methodology is research methodology which contains descriptive and analytical studies about the article and case studies which are under research objective. The Data Obtained for empirical analysis is generated from various digital sources viz. Internet which provides a connecting link with the research topic.

 Primary Data     

  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Reviews
  • Internet documents
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Research documents
  • surveys

Source of Primary Data

After forming an outline to the required research topic the primary data is collected from different sources to carry out the analysis. Necessary information required for the research is obtained from the raw data gained. The available primary data can be optimally used by the researcher for final decision making (Sasha Hurrell, 2004).

 Ethical Issues

Set of ethical values and principles are to be followed by the researcher while collecting data from primary sources for the research purpose. Ethical behaviour of the researcher will give honest and valued based performance.

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