Sample MBA Dissertation Research Approach and Methodology

Introduction to methodology

The methodology is the system that contains wide range of principles or rules in which the particular methods and procedures are considered in order to solve the problems that arise within the specific type of research process.

Types of Research Methodologies

The methodology contains two different types of perspectives such as quantitative research method and the qualitative research method.

Qualitative (Primary) research method

The qualitative (Primary) research method will include the survey reports, questionnaires, personal interviews, etc. The qualitative research methodology is even based on more number of mathematical variations, measurements and the equations that are related to the selected topic Trochim (2000).

Primary research data

  • Interviews
  • Survey reports
  • Questionnaires etc.

Quantitative (Secondary) research method

The quantitative (Secondary) research method will include the articles as well as the case studies which are similar to the concerned topic and that are obtained from different types of internet sources. The quantitative research method is a theoretical based approach and it is analyzed by using the empirical analysis.

Secondary research Data

  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Book Reviews
  • Web documents
  • Journals

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