Research Methodology of Customer Employee Interaction in Companies

This section contains the mention of the suitable research approach undertaken to deduce solutions for the problem. The type of the research methodology applied depends on the nature of the problem to be dealt. The research methodology facilitates to determine, obtain, analyse and disseminate the data concerned to our problem. The pertinent research methodology aids in providing a good premise to deduce sound research findings and relevant data analysis in order to provide solutions to the research problem. There are many research philosophies in place to tackle various problems and the suitable research approach is needed to be identified to tackle the existing problem.

Research Philosophy

The nature of the problem is evaluated through the means of defining the kind of information that is to be collected in the research process. When looked upon the project from the epistemological view, it is necessary to proceed the research with the ‘feelings’ approach by taking an interpretive stance.  This consideration of the interpretive model is because of the social nature of the problem and it deals with “the way we as humans attempt to make sense of the world around us” .   In this process of obtaining the information to consolidate and provide conclusions for the research objectives, a feeling of empathy should be maintained to contextualise the information while designing the research instruments.

Research Design

Research design includes the process employed in the collection of information. The approach of data collection is discussed here. There may be fixed or flexible approach. Fixed approach is generally used in quantitative research methodology while flexible approach is considered in qualitative research methodology. Quantitative techniques involve the presentation of statistical data in the form of surveys and graphs to answer the questions like who, what and where. This is generally used in the case of large sample size.

While qualitative research methodology enables to gain a more in depth analysis of the problems as the qualitative research methodology is carried upon to gather the opinions and consolidate them to provide solutions to the research problem. In this case, a case study of Sainsbury is considered where the opinions of the employees and managers and customers are gathered through semi-structured interviews.

Data Collection and sampling techniques

     Data collection techniques include the techniques used to deduce information from the opinions of the respondents. In general there are two sources of information from which the data collection is performed namely the primary source of information and the secondary source of information.

       Primary source of information is deduced directly from the opinions of the respondents and it is regarded as a more accurate source as the information is directly divulged from the opinions of the respondents pertaining to a certain problem. There is a scope for a better interpretation of the problem from the primary source of information by analyzing the problem deep.

Moreover, primary source of information  is flexible in a way as it enables to probe the problem more deeper by posing further questions to the respondent that are aroused from the insights of the respondent. In this case, a sample size of 10 is considered which includes two managers, five employees and three customers. Ten sets of questioners is distributed accordingly to conduct semi-structured interviews to customers, managers and employees at the Sainsbury Richmond site.

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