MBA Literature Review on Best Practices for Transition Planning

In this article, the authors have provided details regarding their proposed methods of succeeding in process of transition from the company which provides the outsourcing. The authors have given a detailed description achieving success with regard to outsourcing of certain activities. The authors are of the opinion that it is very important to implement a specific set of guidelines and regulations for succeeding in this type of environment.

The author has conveyed his point through the help of an example of BPO companies. The author has also described the top practices which are needed for success. Some of the some of these practices include – methodology, management of risk, governance, proper planning etc. The author has provided a detailed description of each of the practices.

The author states that effective communication is a major challenge faced by companies and thus they must strive to create an efficient communication system. This article is quite unique in nature – the author proposes a different format for the entire process of global outsourcing.

            After reviewing the article, the researcher concludes that the methods proposed by the author are quite efficient and significant in order to complete the outsourcing process and to accomplish the task in question. However, the researcher feel that since the author has made the reference of BPO companies only, these methods may not be as efficient in other sectors. 

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