Research Methodology in Computer Science

Methodology definition

Methodology is considered as the process of giving the appropriate solution to the problems that takes place in the research process by specifying the different type of the principles and approaches.

Research Methodology types

In general the quantitative and the qualitative are the two different types of the research methodologies that are used in the methodology process.

 Quantitative research method

The articles, case studies, books, journals, reviews and the web documents are different types of the data sources that are included in the quantitative research method. It is totally a theory based approach and the specific data related to the research is been gathered based on the research requirements.

Qualitative research method

The surveys, interview reports and questionnaires are the data sources included in the qualitative research method. The participants are included in the process and are asked with some questions related to the research process and the answers specified by the respondents are considered as the major data for the research process (Trochim. 2000).

Research method used

Within this research process the quantitative research method is utilized to collect the information required to complete the research in an reliable manner and the different articles and web documents related to the similar topic are taken into consideration from the internet sources and are analyzed according to the research requirements. 

Ethical issues

This research process is carried out by following all the ethics and morals and the information gathered from the previous scholars is analyzed according to the requirements without violating it. This research process is completed in an honest way by following the entire authentication processes and I wish to provide my valuable views and ideas for the future work.

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