Quantitative Research Methodology of Cloud Computing Paper

Qualitative research methodology is chosen in this context as the main aim of this research is to evaluate the role of cloud computing for small software organizations and understand their perspective in choosing the cloud technologies against the data security of them.

In general there are lots of issues with the cloud computing data security and most of the clients have doubts regarding their data security and most of the clients prefer a third party service providers to ensure their data security and this approach works fine will large organizations and most of the small organizations may not effort a third party for data security across the cloud computing. The main aim of this research is to gather the required information from small companies regarding their implementation plan towards cloud computing.

As the primary source of information is gathered from the respondents involved in this research and analyze their behavior towards choosing the cloud computing, qualitative analysis of the data is required for this research and thus qualitative research methodology is chosen and case study approach is chosen to gather the primary source of information and the actual companies chosen as the case study are given in the case study section of this chapter.

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