Seminar Report on Speech Application Language Tag

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Speech Application Language Tag:

Speech recognition technique has allowed us to talk to the computer, instruct computer by our voice. We can also listen to the computer. This all is possible with the new developed algorithms designed. Speech recognition is the software build especially for giving instruction to the computer. In today’s generations mobiles and PCs are getting smaller and smaller and the input devices they use are getting also smaller, so it difficult to operate such devices for the people who healthy as they have big fingers or hand or for those who are paralyzed.

But if we have speech recognition technique than we don’t need to depend on input devices we can speak and give instruction to the devices. If in case you are driving car you need to make then you have to stop the car, but if you have this technique then just speak and work is done. This is also termed as SALT.

SALT was first used in the October 2001. They support many languages designed according to the region. They are used in the many places like web servers that contain embedded for HTML and speech servers where speech is converted in the text. They are also used in the telephony servers where they connect the IP network and telephone together.

They are used in the telephony applications where we speak and the values are added to the text boxes. SALT is based on the procedural language. If we have the knowledge of writing HTML language then we write the SALT language. They are not programming language they are markup language. They writing process is just HTML but they also JavaScript with HTML. These applications are coded like that it can identify the grammatical mistake and the pronunciation of the user.

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