Project Report On Design Of Energy System

This Project Report On Design Of Energy System is about Design of energy system. This report gives brief explanation about The Bernoulli Equation. By assuming that fluid motion is governed only by pressure and gravity forces, applying Newton’s second law, F = ma, leads us to the Bernoulli Equation. P/g + V2/2g + z = constant along a streamline (P=pressure g =specific weight V=velocity g=gravity z=elevation).

The incompressible Bernoulli equation is an analytical relationship between pressure, kinetic energy, and potential energy. As perhaps the simplest and most useful statement for describing laminar flow, it buttresses numerous incompressible flow models that have been developed to model turbulent flow. It shows that the Theorem of the Mean for Integrals, not the assumption of absolute incompressibility, is the underlying justification for the simplification that makes it possible to derive the Bernoulli equation from the Euler equation. In other words, the assumption of incompressibility is unnecessary and the equation actually represents a compressible relationship. A closer look at their derivation of flow between two disks suggests that the underlying approximations are not entirely consistent with the theory. In other words, the physics of the expansive turbulence model proposes that the divergence of the velocity is positive, which is not what their solution shows.

 Project Report On Design Of Energy System Conclusion:

Both, Bernoulli’s law and the generation of pressure gradients perpendicular to the flow are consequences of Newton’s laws. None of them contradicts those. Bernoulli’s law is insufficient to explain the generation of low pressure. A faster streaming velocity never produces or causes lower pressure. The physical cause of low or high pressure is the forced normal acceleration of streaming air caused by obstacles or curved planes in combination with the Coanda-effect. Pressure gradients generated by the deflection of streaming air can be clearly demonstrated by simple experiments which would substantially improve the discussion of fluid mechanics in schools and textbooks.

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