SQL DB Regulator Project

Project Description:

This Engineering Academic project is used to create databases, db tables, stored procedures and run sql queries from this project without installing SQL server in that system we can connect SQL server from server system.

This SQL DB Regulator project contains database details, tables details ,stored procedure details, user details save, run, load queries and perform activities on server  based on permissions. administrator can access entire the server. User can access theirown databases.

SQLDB Regulator project provides all the features provided by Microsoft sql server management studio. But the advantage is without using any third party software, just by using browser database administrators connect to company’s database server and perform the maintenance work. The connectivity is under the high level security policy.

Software &  Hardware requirements to implement this project: 

    Project Title                     :  SQL database regulator
    Front End                         :  asp.net
    Back End                         :  sql server
    IDE                                  :  Microsoft visual studio.Net/2010
    Programming Languages used :  Asp.Net,C#.Net, Ajax

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