Regenersis needs to increase the number of technical employees to increase the customer satisfaction and sales

Title: Regenersis needs to increase the number of technical employees to increase the customer satisfaction and sales 

1: Executive Summary: Employing more and more technical experts within organizations who have the ability to appreciate and recognize the requirements and the need for increasing the attention of the customers and thus the provision of better services, has been the only measure for the companies to improve the overall sales and the productivity of the business. The better workforce can enhance the overall feasibility of the business. Thus this segment of the report shall produce an overview of what actually the report implies to the readers and what might be the implications of this report.

2: Introduction to the plan: Application of the Regenersis process within the telecom industry shall be described in the report. Importance of the Regenersis process to improve the overall performance of the business shall be produced in this project plan. To endow with this process of Regenersis and installation of antivirus needful for improving the overall performance of the business, this project plan shall disclose the materiality of installing new technological applications and system software etc.

3: Identification of the problems and issues: This segment of the project plan shall contain a brief synopsis of the major problems on this ground. Lack of training provided to the employees is often indicated as the problem encountered in the field of IT. As a result, that directly affects the customer base. Recruitment of experts in this field could have been a new tool to resolve these problems. This segment, however, shall reproduce a clear identification of the problems and issues.

4: Effective implementation plan: Each and every project shall possess a plan that decides on how to terminate the entire project on time. This implementation plan shall define effective policies to eradicate the problems faced by email threats and potential threats. The implementation plan shall reciprocate with the following elements:

  • Who – Who shall be responsible for implementing the plan?
  • What – What areas are to be covered in the implementation plan?
  • Where – Where will be the plan executed?
  • When – When shall the plan execute or time frame of the implementation plan
  • Why – Reasons for adopting this plan
  • How – How will be plan be implemented?

5: Application of the case study briefs: Representation of some real world examples relating to the Regenersis process shall be overviewed. Some real world cases in the telecom and IT sector shall be produced.

6: Conclusion & Recommendations: This section of the project plan shall mention several strategies that could have been implemented to prove the effectiveness of this plan within global telecom businesses.

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