Customer Sentiment based Sales Approach

In a corporate world where boundaries are dissolving and communication is taking every form we can imagine, it becomes imperative to obtain access to a faster, less costly way to communicate with customers. Today’s competitive markets demand optimization of the processes and resources leading to improved bottom lines, creating new possibilities and identifying opportunities all along the way.

This concept helps us in robust marketing and promotional customer and businessman communication requirements. It is web-based tool to create an efficient platform for the communication between Service Providers and Customers. The current Customer Sentiment based Sales Approach project allows Service provider to register and select a SMS plan and send messages about their business to the customers.

The New User can also register and see the different providers which are present in the website in category wise. He can select the provider and get the SMS send by it. If the User doesn’t want any SMS then he can unsubscribe also.

Existing System:

In the Existing system different service providers have different websites. If the user wants to search for the information about the different service providers he has to search in different websites. It is somewhat difficult and time consuming.

Proposed System:

In the proposed Customer Sentiment based Sales Approach system the user can search the information about the different service providers and select them by category wise so that they can enable getting sms from a desired service provides. Here we have a module to control all service providers and users.  The service providers can send SMS to the users according to category wise.


  1. Service Provider Module:
  • Registration and Login:
  • Uploading Module (single user and multi user(through Excel)):
  • Add Categories
  • SMS Service
  • View Bills
  • View Plan
  • View Registered Users
  1. Admin Module:
  • Provider Approver module
  • View Reports
  • Add Plans
  • Control service providers and users
  1. User
  • New User(direct registration) and Service Provider Uploaded User/login
  • Search providers (Category wise)
  • Message Opinion module

Technical Environment:

Technology: Java 2 Standard Edition, JDBC and AJAX

Web Server: Apache Tomcat.

Server Side Technologies:  Servlets, JSP

Database Server: MySQL

Operating System: Microsoft Windows

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