Management of email threats and validation of potential threats

Title: Management of email threats and validation of potential threats

1: Executive Summary: In this segment, the author would just try to reflect the rationale for selecting this topic and what has made the researcher focus on this given topic. The executive summary would also confer to the elaboration of the topic in details as well as would contain a detailed elaboration of the steps that would have been already taken to execute the entire report.

2: Introduction to the report: This particular segment would produce a synopsis of how the organization is facing email threats and how the entire organization is meeting up with potential threats from the email threats and what are the issues that are originating within the business due to lack of expertise in managing the cyber crime efforts diligently.

3: Recognition of the issues met in the business: This section of the report shall produce a synopsis of the problems that are being identified within the organization. The problems identified with the email threats must also acknowledge how that is increasing the threat levels for the company as well as the technical managers and the experts to deal with the end users or the consumers. The report shall also refer to the reasons behind what has actually made effective to give rise such issues within the management? This section shall also refer to how the management is meeting issues to communicate effectively with the consumers.

4: Implementation Plan

Each and every project shall possess a plan that decides on how to terminate the entire project on time. This implementation plan shall define effective policies to eradicate the problems faced by email threats and potential threats. The implementation plan shall reciprocate with the following elements:

a) Who – Who shall be responsible for implementing the plan?

  1. What – What areas are to be covered in the implementation plan?
  2. Where – Where will be the plan executed?
  3. When – When shall the plan execute or time frame of the implementation plan
  4. Why – Reasons for adopting this plan
  5. How – How will be plan be implemented?

5: Effective measures were taken by the management to eradicate the problems: This segment shall give a brief idea about what measures can be management take to witness eradication of the email threats that has hampered the entire operational systems at the management.

6: Conclusion: Conclusion shall comprise of the brief justification of the topic referring to the cases where the management shall end up with the implementation of the plans so as to ease off the challenges.

7: Recommendation: Recommended policies and strategies that could be adopted by the organization to sustain the industry with effectiveness.

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