Real Estate Portal on Handheld Devices Project Synopsis

This Real Estate Portal on Handheld Devices document covers the design, architecture, tools and development methodology for one such application – Magic Bricks that will be the killer app for this very promising platform.

Magic Bricks exclusively developed for Real Estate Community is a utility for mobile phone users to enquire/search for accommodation/lands available in a locality, as per their requirement ( meaning -Rent or Buy). Also, the web client is equipped with facilities for the Real Estate Administration staff to update property information along with an image (if one exists) on authentication.

A search facility on the home page of this portal allows any user to browse through the current real estate data based on their requirements.

Archetypically, this project can be classified into three components with MySQL as the back-end.


1. J2ME Client
2. Web-client (JSP / Servlets)
3. Server side (JSP / Servlets)

Component Features:

  1. J2ME Client
    a. Search for accommodation
  2. Web -Client
    a. Login
    b. Add Property
    c. Add Area/Locality
    d. Add Property Information
  3. Server Side
    a. Processes the requests of the clients

Software Requirements:

1. J2SE
2. J2ME wireless toolkit
3. Tomcat
4. MySQL

Future Enhancements:

1. Add keyword search on the web client.
2. Categorize users like buyers, Agents and Builders.
3. Add online discussion forum for active interaction between users.
4. Add facilities for users to lease, mortgage their property apart from only sale and purchase.

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