Real Estate to LET Service Web Portal Project

There is a single networking site for real estate known as the Real estate to let service that enable to connect the consultants investors, developers, investments, brokers, home owners, fund managers, vaastu consultants, architects , lawyer and others who is relate to this business and have a web knowledge.

This is the only commercial website of real estate in India as well as a residential premium. It connects the brokers and owners with the investors and tenants. The website also looks after the diverse needs of the national and local people. It caters the products and services to meet the needs of the Indian real estate industry. We also specialize in Residential  and commercial real property which includes office areas, shops, industrial land, property, housing complex, apartments, bungalows, villas and businesses for lease, rental and sale.

This project is very helpful and it enables the user to keep the records of all the transactions including the sales, purchases, returns, advances etc. this project will reduce the workload of the real estate owners and it also reduces the manpower required. With proper work organization it makes searching easier. This system is designed to overcome the limitations of the manual system and it includes time consuming, money expenditure, loss of energy and so on.

This system is built for universal use without any significant moderation’s  This software can handle the daily operations of the real estate office and gives a clear details about the business related information’s that can help in the growth of the company. At the same time it also gives reviews and show clear accounts that can be used for taking important business related decisions. Moreover, we are ready to sell this project and all you need to do is to mail us or send an SMS to us providing your address.

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