GPS Position Tracker .Net Project

GPS Position Tracker – What is the location of your pal?

1, Introduction

Tracking and monitoring is very essential for the smooth working of any business. It can be vehicle tracking for a transportation company or it can be a marketing employee tracking for a company.

The effective tracking helps the administration to streamline its managerial tasks and so can increase the productivity. Currently it is big challenge for companies to keep track of their marketing employees in order to validate their work.

Position tracker works on GPS (Global Positioning System) and GPRS. The users need to activate the application and application will keep updating the location of the user after particular interval. at any moment Position tracker web portal allows the manager to check the location of a particular marketing agent and can also check entire roadmap of his movement from one location to another.

2, Challenge

Challenge is to create a well planned tracking method which reduces the cost of information exchange, but at the same time automate the entire tracking process.

Challenge is to receive and process multiple user inputs and make it available online for the administration to track and monitor.

Challenge is to develop, integrate and deploy different technological components to achieve one single aim called tracking.

3, Proposed Solution

Proposed GPS Position Tracker solution consists of a Symbian client application which will automatically keep updating the longitude and latitude of the user to the web service after particular interval.

A web service will receive the location based information from the mobile and process it. The portal which implemented via Google maps will show the exact location of the users online. Portal can be accessed by different users.

Administrator or manager can keep track of their marketing employees who roam around for marketing their products. Managers can log in to portal and for a particular user, get the entire report of his location movement.

For a company is into transportation, can track their vehicles easily by checking online at any time from anywhere.

4, System Diagram

5, Technology

GPS Position tracker requires two components:

1. Position tracker Portal software

The responsibility of this component is to receive the location information from several mobile users via Position Tracker mobile software. This component will also store the location data into database. This component will also allow users to see the locations in Google Maps.

Technologies –

• Microsoft .Net
• Visual C# language
• ASP.Net
• ASP.Net web service
• SQL Server
• Google Maps API
2. Position tracker mobile software

This GPS Position Tracker software widget needs to be installed on mobile. The responsibility of this component is to get the current location of the user via GPS and upload it to web portal via HTTP transfer using GPRS.

• Symbian Operating System for mobiles
• C++

6, Future enhancements

Position tracker can be developed further to analyze the minimum shortest path between the check points and help administrator to decide routes to minimize the transportation costs.

This system can be used for understanding the time taken between places thus administrator can roughly assess the time taken for a vehicle to reach destination.

7, Conclusion

Position Tracker is a tracking platform, so it can be modified to fit to any business use-case and since it is used on mobiles and internet so we will get upto date information at very less cost.

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