Introduction to Real Estate Site Management System MCA Project:

A program known as Real Estate site Management system is designed for those who have recently joined the real estate as a consultant for distribution of sites. They recently covert the lands they have purchased into sites and in order to handle this entire process a software is developed. The main objective of this project is to highlight the requirements and to provide guidelines for the benefits of the project that is mentioned above. It also  provides guidelines regarding the frame of the project that is stated above. In short, this project aims to provide a guideline for people who are involved in developing this software application.

Plus, this project is a pilot project and is designed for the consultants for real estate who currently convert all the lands they have into sites. This software aims to handle the records and documents, pictures related to the sites and the informations stored in  the system. This project is broad and comprehensive that can meet all the requirements.

Using this project consultant can easily manage his office without facing any sort of hasslement. There are lots and lots of paper work that comes in the real estate consultant office everyday which need to be managed and sort out for fulfilling the objectives. It becomes a cumbersome job to handle all this in a manual system ad it can also lead to errors. Thus to minimize this risk there is an intense need of an integrated system which is fulfilled by this software application.

This latest proposed system makes the entire office work computerized thus increasing the efficiency of work and reducing the need of manpower. At the same time it also helps the consultant to manage the daily operations easily and smoothly. Various modules are used for fulfilling the diverse needs of the office works.