Asp.Net Project Title with Abstracts on Real Estate Market Place

The goal of the activity is to outline and advance one stop result for bartering lands within the web based world. It connects the conveyance between land operators, Builders and retail buyers/sellers. The framework might be utilized to archive the profiles of operators, developers, purchasers, dealers and the lands to be transacted. Purchasers are the clients who purchase unique or resale lands where as merchants are manufacturers (for newfangled lands) or individuals reselling their existing lands. Executors can additionally post purchase or push asks for their clients (purchaser, dealer, developer). Property could be villas, free houses, or rooms.

Following features are very important for Real Estate market.

  • Agents have to be register
  • Builders have to be register
  • Buyer and seller have to be register
  • After that updating of the profile.
  • Give a new projects for sell
  • Give the full details of this project
  • Waiting for complete the project
  • Lastly sell it.

There are some modules which have to follow. These ares-

The application comprises the following major modules.

  • Firstly Registration modules have to complete.
  • Agents are requiring dealing with client. For that they have to register.
  • Builders are ready to give the project. But before that they have to register.
  • Buyers/Sellers
  • Posting of property transactions by builders
  • Buy / Sell option will choose by buyer/seller
  • Location, age, size, type, price range and contact details have to give in this.
  • Search what you need
  • Client can Search property by giving location
  • Client can Search it by giving his/her price range
  • Search property with the help of area
  • Client can Search by giving its original age of property
  • You can Search this property by giving builder details
  • What kind of property you need? On the basis of this you can search.

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