Quantitative Research Methodology of MBA Project

Quantitative research method:

The quantitative analysis of the research problem considered is done using the quantitative research methodology. This kind of research methods will explore the statistical and numerical analysis of the research problem that is regarded. The evaluation of the results gathered from this research method is done statistically and numerically done. This research methodology also includes the empirical evaluation of the quantitative properties and the study of the relationship of various attributes that are important is done clearly.

The quantitative research methodology is used for the science projects that means researches related to science subjects where the numerical and empirical evaluations are required. This quantitative research methodology is also used for the creation and exploration of few of the theories, models and hypotheses. All this indicates that statistics is very important for using the quantitative research methodology in a research project and this method also involves few methods of measurements of statistics and these measurements are divergent in behavior.

In this particular project the research (You are now talking about your qualitative research but under the heading Quantitative research.  You need to start  with quantitative, continue with the qualitative heading and then talk about your own research.)  approach used is the qualitative research. methodology and this method is used in order to evaluate and analyze the research problem considered in this project. To make the research of the project more perfect some information is required and that required primary information is gathered from the qualitative research methods (Using data collection methods suitable for a qualitative approach.) . This information is collected from the sources that are directly interacted into the process but not from sources that are not direct and even the information is collected from the channels that are intermediate.

The primary source of data collected can be used for analyzing the research problem in detail and also to explore the internal issues that are hidden in the problem considered in the research and for this the opinions of the respondents who directly involved in the research project are escalated using this research methodology. In this project the main concentration emphasis is given to evaluating the importance of employee understanding of the strategies implemented in the organizations and also to know how the organization performance. At the same time and the employee (An understanding is gained about employee job satisfaction and how it can be improved through better communication from managers.)  job satisfaction is improved with proper communication of organizational strategies and the.

Semi structured are used in this project for interviewing the various respondents of the research in the organization taken as case study and that information obtained from the opinions of the employees is used for the successful completion of the project. The (The particular cata collection method used in this study is a semi-structured interview.)  case study used in this project is AMT COFFEE LTD and information is obtained from various levels of employees of this company (The research project is carried out in AMT COFFEE LTD where the research has worked for —- months/years).

The information gathered is very accurate as it is taken from the direct respondents of the research problem that is considered in the research project. (Care was taken to gather the information with accuracy. In order to ensure validity, the author recorded the interviews, transcribed them and asked the respondents to check their answers.- you promised to do so when we last talked!!!) The case study approach used is clearly explained in the research design section and the number of respondents is represented specified in the research sample size section. Questioners are prepared in order to interview the employees for escalating the information required.

These (An interview protocol was prepared and the questions were piloted with one respondent in order to check whether they were clear.  Some corrections were made and then interviews were carried out)  questioners will be helpful in analyzing the opinions of the employees individually and the information gathered from the employees is investigated further used for the research problem using the qualitative research methodology. This can provide many qualitative methods and it is proved that these qualitative methods will provide good benefits and depending on these benefits a qualitative research methodology based on the case study approach is used in this project.

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