Research Design And Case Study of MBA Research Project

Research design:

The research of this project is done by the implementation of a design process and that design process is called as Research design ( Research design is “the general plan of how …to go about answering …a research question.  It will contain clear objectives, derived from …the research questions, specify the sources from which …. data are collected, and consider the constraints that … the researcher will inevitably have (e.g. access to data, time, location and money) as well as discussing ethical issues.” Saunders et al, 2009, p137. The dots … are replacing text that is not relavant. Please re-write the Research design part. You may want to describes different  approaches to research design such as exploratory studies, descriptive or explanatory studies and then describe your own research in relation to these 3 design strategies. You may decide that your research is explanatory since the aim is to collect qualitative data to explain the reasons why employees need to understand strategy and also to gain insight  how this understanding contributes to improved company performance.).

Based on the aim and purpose of the research the type of research design is decided as there are many types of research designs. The most commonly used research designs are of two types one is the correlation based research design and the other one is the descriptive research design. The correlation based research design is very accurate in case of the studies related to the case control and also in case of the studies related to the observation based because this design deals with the assumptions and predictions. Whereas the descriptive research design is based on the descriptions and observations and the process of research is implemented using these observations. In this project we use the case study approach which is a research design based on the descriptive research design and this approach is explained clearly as follows:

Case study:

A specific form of research design particular in descriptive and/or explanatory design approach to research is the case study approach. The research problem considered in the research project is analysed and evaluated deeply using the case study approach (You mean: the case study strategy allows the researcher to build a rich understanding of the context of the organization. Especially useful is the ability to find answers to the question ‘why’. A variety of data collection techniques may be used in combination. These may include interviews, observation, documentary analysis and questionnaires..  in using a variety of data collection techniques the researcher is able to triangulate the data.  For example,  data collected via semi-structured interviews can be triangulated by other techniques such as a questionnaire.  Triangulations is important as it helps the researcher prove validity of the research carried out.

Within this research based on a case study of   AMT Coffee Ltd , the researcher is using semi-structured interviews as well as questionnaires to explore employees’ understanding of company strategy as well as the way this understanding is reflected in company performance.  – Why can’t you write like this – it is pretty simple!!) . Using the case study approach the difficulty in the problem is simplified and divided into various sub tasks and then clarified. Using the research finding collected directly from the case study approach are used to evaluate and compare the information collected using the scientific models and theoretical models.

When a research problem is considered by the researcher and then the case study approach is used to focus on the problem considered and various perspectives of the problem are analysed in this approach for finding the solution of the problem. According to the interest of the researcher the research problem can be analysed and compared that with the theoretical information obtained. By observing the researches that are already done it is evident that using the case study approach gives accurate data which is more relevant to the research project when compared to information collected from the quantitative research method and even from the statistical analysis approach. The data collected from the case study approach is mostly based on the opinions of the respondents but not based on the statistical analysis.

This particular research project is done with the aim that to understand the     significance of the communication of a strategy to the employees and implementation of strategy in an organization is related in many research studies is dependent on the experiences that are taken from the real time case studies. Many researchers have used the developing, communicating and implementing approaches of a strategy from many organizations both successful and failure ones and established the case study considered in this project is AMT COFFEE LTD and the semi structured interviews are conducted among the various employees of this company in order to collect the primary data that is needed to proceed with the project research.

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