Complete Review to the Organizational Strategies and the Corresponding Employee Performance


Complete review to the organizational strategies and the corresponding employee performance and job satisfaction towards the organizational strategies is done across the Literature review with reference to the opinion of various authors. There are few gaps in the literature towards the level of communication to be implemented to make sure the employees understand the organizational strategies and the actual research done to close these gaps are as given in the coming chapters. 

Research Methodology


                         The research methodology that is implemented in this project is explained in this chapter. This chapter concentrates on the clear representation of the considered research problem and also focuses on the required data for the project and the implemented data collection techniques particular in this project. The representation of the research methodology used, the data collection techniques like primary source of data and secondary source of data, research design used that is the case study approach and the sample size considered to conduct the semi structured interviews is done clearly in this chapter.

Methodology Implemented:

In order to complete the research project, the problem considered in the project must be clearly understood and the requirements of the projects must also be clearly known and this can be done by the implementation of the research methodology. The research methodology used in this project for the clear understanding of the research problem is explained in this section. There are two types of research methodologies and they are the qualitative research methodology and quantitative research methodology . These research methodologies are used to collect the data that is required for solving the research problem considered and for the other process of the research . The following section will clearly explains the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Qualitative research method:

The behaviors of the individuals involved in the actual research project are targeted in the qualitative research methodologies. The procedure of the qualitative research methodology is carried out by analyzing the opinions gathered from the respondents involved in the project. The information obtained from those respondents is also reviewed in this process. The qualitative research methodology is also used to review and record the opinions of the respondents from various groups and sub groups. In general the behavioural and the social sciences are the basis for the origination of these qualitative research methods and these methods are applied in some of the case in analytical studies. Qualitative research methodology is very much important for the completion of the research project because this process is involved with basic issues like understanding the research problem, interviewing the respondents and gathering the required information and in exploring the other issues in the project.

you need to summarize the main findings in the lit review and then identify a gap in research that your paper addresses.  You may want to write something like: although much is known about job satisfaction and its relationships; with  business performance, not a lot is known about such relationship at AMT Coffee. This research aims top address this gap.

You mean- there are two main approaches to research:  quantitative and qualitative.

You mean to say: according to the chosen research approach, certain data collection techniques  can be used.   For example questionnaires are the preferred data collection  technique used in qualitative research, whereas interviews are commonly used in qualitative research.

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