Car Sales System Project in Java

Car sales system project is developed to help managing available cars and their availability using this software tool.  This application is a java based application which can be used as mini project for college project. 


In the existing System it is difficult to maintain the car information individually and to supply for the customers who are eager to buy them. Customer has to face difficulty in order to know the information of car like manufacturing year, car model etc. 

Proposed Car Sales System Project in Java:

     In the Proposed System, application can maintain car details like manufacturer, year of manufacturing, price and model etc. We can also view all the car details which are kept for sale effectively and we can search for our desired car. With this Customer can get the information quickly like car details which have entered clearly.


The major modules of the project are

Adding Car Details : Using this module we can add new cars which are for sale which are displayed in list view. Admin can show list of available cars to user using this module. 

Viewing All Car Details: Each cart that is updated to application consists of full car details with year of purchase , total km traveled..etc. 

Searching for required Car :  Search feature will help admin to find car based on brand and cost.

Hard Ware Requirements

  1. Processor:: Pentium-II(or) Higher
  2. Ram:: 512MB (or) Higher
  3. Cache:: 512MB
  4. Hard disk:: 10GB 

Soft Ware Requirements

Technology                         :         AWT, Swing

Operating System               :         Windows Operating System

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