Website Content Management System Development using WordPress

As a part of this website development work, the student needs to create a website in WordPress Blog. Here we will be responsible to select a theme for our website, for example, their portfolio or a hobby.

The WordPress website must look professional and contain the following features.

  1. Create a WordPress website by selecting an appropriate theme/template.
  2. Create a minimum of five pages on this WordPress website, make sure these all the pages are available in the main menu
  3. Create a secondary menu to display the facebook, twitter, google plus, social links on the website.
  4. Use WYSIWYG Text Editor and create a post with at least the following features
    1. Hyperlink
    2. Photos
    3. Text alignment
    4. Add a table on the page
    5. Display share to social media options
    6. Make use of HTML editor
  5. Create a photo gallery and display the link in the menu
  6. Post a video on the page
  7. Create a poll and display it on a page
  8. Display your blog on the menu
    1. Add a blog category either to top menu or any other side menu.
  9. Create at least five blog articles and categorize them in at least two categories
  10. Add widgets on your pages or blog entries


This web application will be the mini project of the students’ final year. Students must keep their website until the end of the second semester to keep their project marks since there is no hard copy for the submission. As a part of the web project submission, students must provide a cover page which will have the following information and your website address. Students will upload this document to Moodle to submit the project. The application must be uploaded on Moodle prior to its due date, whereas the project will be assessed in class.

Include the following in your cover page

  1. Full name
  2. WordPress website address

Include the following in your website mandate:

  1. A brief summary of the WordPress website
  2. Theme or Template used in the web project
  3. All menu options in bullet form
  4. Screenshot of each page with a brief description on each menu item

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